Melrath v. Giant Food Stores LLC (USA)


Sam Melrath is a Woman who identifies as a Man. She is suing Giant Food Store for sex discrimination.

Over the summer of 2011, just before her senior year at Abington High School, Melrath took a job at the supermarket as a bagger. She had come out as a trans man during 11th grade, and by the time she went to work at the Giant, she was dressing as a man and referring to herself as “Sam.”

According to the lawsuit, store management began pressuring her to dress and act in a manner that would conform with her sex assigned at birth. Melrath says that she was pressured to change her name tag from “Sam” to her name given at birth, even though other employees were allowed to use abbreviated forms of their names on their name tags, including a female employee named “Samantha,” who had shortened her name to “Sam” on her tag.

After she cut her once-long hair short while employed at the store, Melrath says that a manager pulled her aside and allegedly told her that if she cut her hair any shorter “there would be consequences.” When she questioned the manager, asking if she was threatening her, Melrath says the manager responded that these were just “normal standards” and that this was “just the way we run our business.”

We hope Melrath wins. No woman should be forced to dress in stereotypical ways.

Transgender Man Sues Giant Grocery Store for Discrimination

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