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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo moved last week to provide greater legal protections to transgender New Yorkers by supporting regulations to implement the state Human Rights Law. In order for regulations to take effect, they first have to be formally published in the official State Register and put to a 45-day comment period.

This set of proposals are expected to be published in either the Nov. 4 or Nov. 10 register, which would open up them up to public comment.

After the comment period closes, the state Division of Human Rights would be able to adopt the rules at any point. From there, potential challengers would have 120 days from the day the rules are adopted to file what’s known as an Article 78 challenge — basically a lawsuit filed to fight a state action or determination.

Here’s how NY’s transgender protections will work

Proposed New York Regulations

One thought on “Andrew Cuomo @NYGovCuomo (USA)”

  1. Under proposed rule b.1) “Gender identity means having or being perceived …. whether or not … is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth.”

    It sounds as though everyone will be coercively assigned, by law, a gender identity.

    If someone else perceives you to be gender non-conforming, whether that is an “accurate” perception or not, then this law says you are, in fact, gender non-conforming, and therefore you are in possession of a gender identity. Furthermore, that gender identity which you are perceived to be in possession of, in the eyes of others, need not be in opposition, in any way, to gendered displays socially associated with your sex.

    So, as an adult human female, while wearing a dress, high heels and makeup, I would, by law, be assigned the gender identity of woman. Or not, maybe I would be assigned man?

    Were I to walk about in a tank top, cargo shorts and hiking boots, my hair short, my legs and armpits naturally hairy, then I would be legally assigned gender identity man. Or not, maybe I would be legally declared agender, bi-gender?

    This is non-sensical.

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