Girl Guides of Canada @girlguidesofcan (Canada)

The Girl Guides of Canada, which is like the Girl Scouts in the United States, issued Guidelines for the Inclusion of Transgender Members that discourage girls from questioning why a “girl with a penis” is sharing private space with them.


They call this “tolerance,” we call this “rape culture.”

Girl Guides release guidelines for inclusion of trangendered members _ Toronto Star

One thought on “Girl Guides of Canada @girlguidesofcan (Canada)”

  1. This is just weird and creepy. Of course I then realized it was written by some trans activist and the Girl Guides just rubberstamped it. One of the things I find interesting is the idea that repeated questions about someone’s body should be considered harassment. Harassment is DELIBERATE. And it comes out of hostility. We’re talking about children in Girls Guides, they may well ask anything repeatedly because they don’t remember or they don’t understand. Plus the whole ‘boys can turn into girls’ thing is not in our society actually recognized to be true. (And of course it isn’t true.) It’s not like back in the 60s with “black people are just ordinary people like you.”

    And teaching girls that harassment and by extension its little friend abuse, are accidental things not deliberate acts meant to intimidate is not something that we need the Girl Guides to do. A couple years ago they had commercials on TV about how they were empowering’ girls. Now it’s like they’re grooming them to be abused wives.

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