Month: October 2015

Ryan “Rhyannon” Styles @rhyannonstyles @Elleuk (UK)


Ryan Styles is a Man with an opinion about Germaine Greer. So, naturally, Elle UK, a woman-hating POS publication, gave…

Baltimore OUTloud @BaltOUTloud (USA)


More than 6,500 people have signed this petition asking pro-pedophilia Gay activist and Baltimore OUTloud Executive Editor Jim Becker to…

Tara Hudson #ISeeTara (UK)


Tara Hudson is a Man who identifies as a Woman serving a prison sentence for assault in a Men’s prison….

Rep. Jesse Kremer @RepJesseKremer (USA)


Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, introduced legislation to require school boards to designate school restrooms and locker rooms for use by one…

Andrew Cuomo @NYGovCuomo (USA)


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo moved last week to provide greater legal protections to transgender New Yorkers by supporting regulations to implement the…

Rachael Melhuish @RachMelhuish, Cardiff SU @cardiffstudents & Cardiff University @cardiffuni (UK)


Rachael Melhuish is the “Women’s Officer” at Cardiff University’s Student Union. Melhuish has demonstrated her support for Women by launching an…

Jim Becker & Baltimore OUTloud @BaltOUTloud @afterellen (USA)

By Jim Becker is an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland who is the Executive Editor Baltimore OUTLoud, a Baltimore GLBT newspaper….

Texas University Interscholastic League @uiltexas (USA)


The (Texas) University Interscholastic League has issue a proposed policy that would require transgender students to play the sport identified on their birth certificates….

Florida House Bill 401 (USA)


Florida House Bill 401 would allow businesses, individuals, health care facilities and providers, adoption agencies, and other institutions to discriminate based…