James Monroe is serving a prison sentence in California. He claims in a lawsuit that a prison guard retaliated against him for agreeing to have a transgender cellmate and for filing prison grievances against the guard. Monroe alleges that, in April 2013, the guard told him that he did not want any “fags” or “transsexual inmates” in his housing unit. The guard also allegedly told Monroe to exchange jobs with another inmate and to move out of the unit because he did not want any “fags in the building, or working for him.” When Monroe refused, the guard allegedly retaliated against him for the next four months by tampering with Monroe’s mail; terminating his work duties; filing false Rules Violation Reports (“RVR”) against Monroe; verbally threatening him; and informing other inmates that Monroe was a “jailhouse snitch” and a pedophile with the intent that these inmates would physically assault Monroe.

The court dismissed the lawsuit.

Monroe v. Heinlen

Monroe v. Heinlen Memo