Alexandra Glover (USA)


A transgender woman was recently denied a driver’s license at a Baton Rouge Office of Motor Vehicles for not “suitably” looking like a man. The birth certificate of Alexandra Glover says he is a male with the birth name Dylan. When Glover arrived at the OMV, he wore a dress and makeup, which an OMV clerk said had to be removed if “you are actually man.”

At issue is a 1986 motor vehicle policy, which states: “At no time will an applicant be photographed when it is obvious he/she is misrepresenting his/her gender and/or purposely alternating his/her appearance in an effort which would “misguide/misrepresent” his/her identity.”

Transgender woman denied driver’s license at Baton Rouge OMV for not ‘suitably’ looking like a man, TV station reports _ NOLA