Dawson v. H&H Elec. @aclu @ACLULGBT (USA)

638px-Flag_President_of_Ireland.svg_Patricia Dawson was an electrical apprentice for H & H Electric for four years. When it became obvious that Dawson is transgender and was transitioning from male to female, her boss told her that he would have to let her go. When Dawson told her boss she is transgender, she was forced to use her birth name, Steven, at work even though she had legally changed her name to Patricia, and was told not to discuss her transition with co-workers. After Dawson started to wear makeup and more obviously feminine clothing to work, she was fired. Her boss told her that she did great work, but she was “too much of a distraction.”

Dawson recently defeated a motion for summary judgment from her former employer, which means the case will go to trial.

We support this ruling and hope Dawson prevails. Transgender people should not be discriminated against in the workplace due to their transgender status.

Dawson v. H&H Elec.