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M. Dru Levasseur is a lawyer with Lambda Legal who has written a road map to how GLBT organizations plan to decimate protections for Women and Girls over the next decade. In the law review article, Levasseur seems to suggest that our understanding of biology is “rooted in sex-stereotypes about what an idealized or average woman or man ought to look like.” Levasseur also posits that there is such a thing as a cisgender body.

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  1. This person is demented. Biological sex has nothing to do with idealizing males and females*. It has to do with making babies. (The pleasure-related and social and cultural functions of sex are all secondary.) Got a Y chromosome? You’re male, whether your genitals are typical or not. Got no Y? You’re female, whether your genitals are typical or not. The presence or absence of Y dictates whether you have the potential to make sperm or eggs, respectively. You need two cells to make a baby, the sperm and the egg, therefore there are two sexes. None of this is difficult. People only want to make it difficult to suit their twisted agendas.

    I do think there are issues with the way we determine physical sex in newborns** and with the way we treat people based on their physical sex but transgender ideology is not going to fix any of that. It’s still conforming to the gender boxes, just doing it in a different way.

    [ *In fact, idealizing what is a proper male or proper female is part of gender ideology. If you DON’T reduce physical sex to the reproductive function, you introduce sex-based stereotype, which is all gender really is. This is NOT reducing people to their naughty bits, it’s reducing their naughty bits to their reproductive role, exactly where naughty bits belong rather than being allowed to determine all other facets of one’s life.

    **We should be running karyotypes for EVERY newborn because chromosome issues have implications for the person’s health, their ability to reproduce down the line, and the health of their future kids, and those issues don’t always show symptoms right away.]

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