Lila Perry @transwitchcraft (USA)


Lila Perry is a boy who used to identify as Gay, but now identities as a Woman. He is a senior in high school and wants to use girls’ facilities. The girls staged a protest in response, as Lila is male and girls have every right to not encounter males in spaces where they only expect to see other girls. You can watch a video of him speaking here.

Hillsboro High students walk out over transgender dispute _ News

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  1. Lila Perry Is An Example Of A Two-Spirited Person: “Most tribes were aware of the existence of two-spirit people, and many still have a name in their traditional language for them.
    For example, The Din éh (Navaho)refer to them as nàdleehé or one who is ‘transformed’, the Lakota (Sioux) as winkte, the Mohave as alyha, the Zuni as lhamana, the Omaha as mexoga, the Aleut and Kodiak as achnucek, the Zapotec as ira’ muxe, the Cheyenne as he man eh, etc. (Roscoe, 1988).Some tribes had different names for two-spirited men and women. Other tribes, though, did not have such a concept. The abundance of terms that we find as we study various tribes testifies to the familiarity of Native Americans with gender-variant people. It is important to note that this is different than sexual orientation as such words did not exist in Native languages. Concern for appropriate terminology should always be on one’s mind because ‘Gender’ is an obligatory grammatical category in the English/French and Latin languages. It is a linguistic term and has no connection with biological sex or social identity of an individual. This issue comes to a head in the area where ‘gender’ intersects with the Native people of North America. Many non-natives have misinterpreted two-spirit as referring to people with homosexual tendencies, when in fact, the ceremonies and practices were based on different genders being manifested, and not on sexual preferences or practices.”

    1. @streamfortyseven- Perry does not have a lived experience as an indigenous first nation’s individual. What you are doing is appropriating and colonizing this experience for him, just as he is appropriating and colonizing female space. No non native can be two-spirited within the context you “mansplain” at us. I hope you’re not running any sweat lodges…

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