Dawn Ennis is a Man who identifies as a Woman who works as a reporter for The Advocate. He has written an article here in which he continues the GLBT tradition of monstering all Women who object to gender identity, falsely asserting that Cathy Brennan “is strongly opposed to civil rights protections for trans people.” Brennan has, in fact, openly campaigned in support of civil rights protections based on gender identity and does not support any form of irrational discrimination against transgender people. Ennis cannot seem to understand that Women can read legislation and form objections to bills based on the fact that such bills – to the extent they override rational concerns about Women’s security and safety by pretending sex does not matter – represent bad public policy for Women.

Ennis’ assertion is demonstrably false, but Men like Ennis have a vested interested in ensuring Lesbians who care about Female reality are painted in a negative light.