Jade Follett & No Pride In Prisons @noprisonpride (New Zealand)


Jade Follett is a Man who identifies as a Woman who stabbed a man who stalked and threatened her after they met through a dating website. Follett was sentenced to 21 months in jail. The group No Pride in Prisons wants Follett transferred to a Women’s prison, which happened mere hours after its protest.

Follett deserves to be kept safe while serving time in prison, as do Women. Housing males with Women places Women at risk of sexual and other assault and violates international standards regarding the treatment of incarcerated persons.

Incarcerated Women deserve to be treated humanely while serving their sentences, which means space away from males. The United Nations affirmed this belief in its Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners:


Not once have we seen any of these so-called “social justice” groups express the least bit of concern for incarcerated Women who are forced to share housing with Males in the name of “social justice.”

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  1. Oh boo hoo. You can get the shit kicked out of you no matter where you are in jail. I bet this guy isn’t going to have any kind of good time in the women’s prison either. I bet he’s gonna wish he was in the men’s prison by the time he gets out.

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