Men’s Rights Activists that support the continued sexual exploitation of Women and Children continue to attack feminist Meghan Murphy. The MRAs attacked Murphy a few months ago  for “transphobia” for Murphy’s suggestion that Laverne Cox’s nude photos were not actually empowering. The MRAs also claimed that Murphy’s criticisms of prostitution posed a physical danger to women being trafficked for sex, and were inherently racist and transphobic. Her critics threatened a boycott of her employer,, asking that it fire her from her editorial position.

The MRAs are continuing their campaign against Murphy here. All of this effort is directed at a woman whose only crime is having the opinion that Women and Children should not be sexually exploited.

One of the leading organizing forces, Maggie’s Toronto, received more than 90% of its funding from the government from  2012 to 2014, the most recent years for which statements are public. During that time, Maggie’s has organized around the decriminalization of “youth sex work,” (child prostitution). Maggie’s quietly normalizes child sex (rape) trafficking, and you can sign a petition asking the Ontario government to investigate whether they’re using government resources to promote child sex trafficking.

In 2015, “social justice” means that the Women who campaign against the sexual exploitation of Women and Children are “bad.”