Reynolds v. Chipotle Mexican Grill @ChipotleTweets & @KingCole_32 (USA)

Seven women who formerly held managerial positions in Chipotle restaurants in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area were terminated. They filed a lawsuit alleging federal and state claims for sex discrimination. In one of the cases, the fired woman was replaced by a transman. Chipotle attempted to assert that replacing a woman, Cristie R. Reynolds, with a transman, Cole Hundley, demonstrated no sex discrimination, because transmen are actually female, as such:

“Chipotle also contends that Reynolds was replaced by a woman, and she has not shown that similarly-situated males were treated more favorably. Reynolds responds that Hundley self-identified as a male and should be treated as such for purposes of the prima facie claim.”

The court allowed the lawsuit to proceed over Chipotle’s motion for summary judgment.

Reynolds v. Chipotle Mexican Grill