Liz Henry and Tim Chevalier Geek Feminism @geekfeminism (USA)

Liz Henry and Tim Chevalier of Geek Feminism filed DMCA complaints against this blog for our fair use of their statements about the Dana McCallum rape case. Geek Feminism supports the right of a Man to be called a Woman over the right of Women to call a rapist a Man. Transgender activists regularly file DMCA complaints as a way to silence critical discussion of transgenderism.

Neoliberals like Henry and Chevalier push a regressive agenda that supports the notion that “being a woman” is simply a matter of a Man saying he is a Woman. As radical feminists, we understand that girls are born female. We also understand that gender is the mechanism of women’s subordination, and that simply because we are born female does not mean anything other than girls and women  – as a class – are vulnerable to getting pregnant. This does not mean women should get pregnant. This does not mean that Women are more nurturing. This does not mean that Women are weak. It simply means that women and girls – as a class – have female biology.

We are tired of neoliberals hiding their blatant misogyny – that “being a Woman” is an idea in a Man’s head – behind a faux equality agenda. We reject their politics and their framing. We encourage fair and open discussion of these issues.

The Emperor Has No Clothes.

[DMCA Notice #41694] – Cathy Brennan (bugbrennan@hushmail

[DMCA Notice #41695] – Cathy Brennan (bugbrennan@hushmail