Dawn Ennis @lifeafterdawn & The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag (USA)


Dawn Ennis is a Man who identifies as a Woman who works as a reporter for The Advocate. He has written an article here in which he continues the GLBT tradition of monstering all Women who object to gender identity, falsely asserting that Cathy Brennan “is strongly opposed to civil rights protections for trans people.” Brennan has, in fact, openly campaigned in support of civil rights protections based on gender identity and does not support any form of irrational discrimination against transgender people. Ennis cannot seem to understand that Women can read legislation and form objections to bills based on the fact that such bills – to the extent they override rational concerns about Women’s security and safety by pretending sex does not matter – represent bad public policy for Women.

Ennis’ assertion is demonstrably false, but Men like Ennis have a vested interested in ensuring Lesbians who care about Female reality are painted in a negative light.

Dominique Gulley (USA)


Dominique Gulley is a self-identified gay man who “identifies as a woman.” He is suing for the right to “live as a woman.” Gulley was 15 when he struck and seriously injured a Dane County sheriff’s deputy while driving a stolen car in 2008. After he stole another car in 2010, his probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Gulley is very litigious:


Teen who hit deputy with stolen car sentenced to 11 years after stealing another car _ Wsj

Transgender Wis

California Senate Bill 731, Mark Leno @MarkLeno & National Center for Lesbian Rights @NCLRights (USA)

California Senate Bill 731 would require children in foster care to be placed in out-of-home placements according to their gender identity, regardless of the gender or sex listed in their court or child welfare records. “Out-of-home placements” include  placement with relatives, nonrelated extended family members, tribal members, and foster family homes, certified homes of foster family agencies, intensive treatment or multidimensional treatment foster care homes, group care placements, such as group homes and community treatment facilities, and residential treatment pursuant to Section 7950 of the Family Code.

The anti-lesbian National Center for Lesbian Rights supports this bill, which apparently affords no consideration to the girls housed in “foster family homes, certified homes of foster family agencies, intensive treatment or multidimensional treatment foster care homes, group care placements, such as group homes and community treatment facilities, and residential treatment pursuant to Section 7950 of the Family Code” with Boys who identifies as Girls.


Jade Follett & No Pride In Prisons @noprisonpride (New Zealand)


Jade Follett is a Man who identifies as a Woman who stabbed a man who stalked and threatened her after they met through a dating website. Follett was sentenced to 21 months in jail. The group No Pride in Prisons wants Follett transferred to a Women’s prison, which happened mere hours after its protest.

Follett deserves to be kept safe while serving time in prison, as do Women. Housing males with Women places Women at risk of sexual and other assault and violates international standards regarding the treatment of incarcerated persons.

Incarcerated Women deserve to be treated humanely while serving their sentences, which means space away from males. The United Nations affirmed this belief in its Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners:


Not once have we seen any of these so-called “social justice” groups express the least bit of concern for incarcerated Women who are forced to share housing with Males in the name of “social justice.”

Jailed transgender woman felt more supported by inmates than the public – National – NZ Herald News

Transgender prisoner moved to women’s jail – National – NZ Herald News

Meghan Murphy @MeghanEMurphy, Feminist Current @FeministCurrent, & Maggie’s Toronto @MaggiesToronto (Canada)

Men’s Rights Activists that support the continued sexual exploitation of Women and Children continue to attack feminist Meghan Murphy. The MRAs attacked Murphy a few months ago  for “transphobia” for Murphy’s suggestion that Laverne Cox’s nude photos were not actually empowering. The MRAs also claimed that Murphy’s criticisms of prostitution posed a physical danger to women being trafficked for sex, and were inherently racist and transphobic. Her critics threatened a boycott of her employer, rabble.ca, asking that it fire her from her editorial position.

The MRAs are continuing their campaign against Murphy here. All of this effort is directed at a woman whose only crime is having the opinion that Women and Children should not be sexually exploited.

One of the leading organizing forces, Maggie’s Toronto, received more than 90% of its funding from the government from  2012 to 2014, the most recent years for which statements are public. During that time, Maggie’s has organized around the decriminalization of “youth sex work,” (child prostitution). Maggie’s quietly normalizes child sex (rape) trafficking, and you can sign a petition asking the Ontario government to investigate whether they’re using government resources to promote child sex trafficking.

In 2015, “social justice” means that the Women who campaign against the sexual exploitation of Women and Children are “bad.”

Curry v. Colvin (USA)

Jacob Curry is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He asserted entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security income based on his gender dysphoria. A court rejected his claim that gender dysphoria rendered him unable to work, but remanded his claim for benefits on other grounds. Curry is one of many litigants seeking such benefits for gender dysphoria.

Curry v. Colvin