Hamlett v. Newark Public Schools (USA)

James Hamlett claims he was fired from Newark Public Schools after he transitioned to “Christine.” Oddly, he transitioned in 1983, and acted in a variety of capacities for decades as Christine, including a special program for pregnant girls, guidance counselor and attendance supervisor in the district’s central office. Hamlett was fired after he had to be fingerprinted for a new position, which turned up criminal convictions for shoplifting and marijuana possession. According to a news account, Hamlett claims that the convictions “were related to behavior changes as a result of medical and hormonal treatments she was undergoing to prepare for her reassignment surgery.” Hamlett argued that the fingerprinting was “unfair.”

The lawsuit represents a trend among transgender people, who sometimes argue that anything they did prior to transition should not somehow count in their post-transition lives. The case of Donna/Doug Perry is probably the most egregious example of this. Perry murdered three women “as a man,” but discounted his responsibility for the crimes when he “transitioned.”

Hamlett v. Newark Public Schools

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