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Joanna “Joey” Stevenson is a hairdresser in San Francisco. She recently wrote this piece for AfterEllen about assertions from many lesbians, including Alix Dobkin and Sally Tatnall, that lesbian culture is dying. In a bizarre rant that seems cobbled together from Tumblr posts, Stephenson claims that a 2011 letter to the United Nations noting the conflict presented by overbroad gender identity laws actually stands for the proposition that Cathy Brennan believes that men transition in order to rape lesbians. Stevenson writes:


This is, of course, wholly false, which you can confirm by simply reading the United Nations letter. This lie, however, has been repeated elsewhere, as you can see in a Cathy Young column here

Apparently, Stevenson wants the word “lesbian” to become synonymous with anything except what a lesbian is – an adult female homosexual.

UPDATED: Here is Joey “doxxing herself” in this article from April: Last call for city’s last lesbian bar – SFGate

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  1. That’s just fucking stupid lazy and stupid, it’s easy to fact check but apparently it’s more convenient and lucrative to tell a story that the boys in charge want to hear. This is bullshit, sorry that it’s happening to you.

  2. Obviously, she splaining is used as voice of boys now. AfterEllen continues to prove itself as anti womyn. You are not alone!

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