Hendrix v. Warden Davenport (USA)


Ken Hendrix, a Man who identifies as a Woman, is serving a prison sentence in Alabama for manslaughter. In 2001, Hendrix entered the Claybrook Drive apartment of William A. “Bill” Lonnergan. A fight between the men over money escalated, ending when Hendrix stabbed Lonnergan in the lower right chest with either a knife or letter opener. Hendrix left the apartment with a television and other items. Lonnergan spent the next month in the hospital but never recovered. Before dying, he identified Hendrix as the assailant.

On May 27, 2015, Hendrix filed a motion for preliminary injunction in which he sought injunctive relief requiring that he be removed from Easterling, and ordering correctional officials to refrain from any form of retaliation. In an amendment to the motion for preliminary injunction, Hendrix advised that he is transgender and should therefore be provided protection beyond that provided to “the average inmate.” Hendrix’s amended motion also sought a transfer from Easterling due to safety concerns related to his gender identity. The court denied the preliminary injunction.

Hendrix is quite litigious.

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