Oliver @HeyAndyOliver v. Reconciling Ministries Network @rmnetwork (USA)


According to news accounts, Andy Oliver, the former director of communications for Reconciling Ministries Network, a pro-GLBT Methodist group boasting the support of hundreds of congregations throughout the country, claims that the organization has exhibited transgender discrimination, according to a complaint filed with the Cook County, Illinois Commission on Human Rights. Oliver accused the group’s executive director, Matt Berryman, unjustly fired him following his refusal to engage in an action he considered discriminatory on the basis of gender identity.

We support Mr. Oliver in his complaint. Discrimination in the workplace based on sex stereotypes is wrong, and retaliating against a worker for refusing to participate in such discrimination is also wrong.

Reconciling Ministries Network Ex-Employee Files ‘Gender Identity Discrimination’ Complaint Against Pro-LGBT Methodist Group