Anil Dash @AnilDash @ThinkUp (USA)

This is a Guest Post from an Anonymous Woman on Male Feminist Anil Dash, who came to our attention when he thought it was his place to demand Lesbians “love and respect” Men who repeatedly violate Women.

Mr. Dash has been spending a lot of time reading twittersectionalists and writes an article that reads like one of their rants as if this is something he came up with on his own.

Or as I read it? Leave Britney alone!

Dash asks, “What Is Public?”

What if the public speech on Facebook and Twitter is more akin to
a conversation happening between two people at a restaurant? Or two
people speaking quietly at home, albeit near a window that happens to
be open to the street? And if more than a billion people are active on
various social networking applications each week, are we saying that
there are now a billion public figures? When did we agree to let media
redefine everyone who uses social networks as fair game, with no
recourse and no framework for consent?

Amazing. The argument sounds just as bull when a man says it. How many things is that true of? But there is already a framework for consent on social media. It’s called privacy settings. If you don’t want your comments public, make them private.

Twitter can’t just be public when twittersectionalists want to stick to Twitter to make sure there’s a record…but suddenly be
private when they say so. Because they say so.

Saying things in public under your own name has risks. Most people know that. Too many handwringing articles have been written about it for there to be anything original left to say. That’s why a lot of people use anonymous screen names if they want to signal that they’d like to speak in public but not be identified, and why doxxing people who do so is so looked down on that even Reddit doesn’t approve. Doxxing an anonymous person is not the same as quoting someone who has published comments to a public website under their own name any more than it’s like secretly recording someone who doesn’t know they’re being recorded, which is illegal in many places and frowned on everywhere unless you’re uncovering criminal activity.

When your friends want to go to the mattresses over metaphor itself being the actual worst? I guess you get extra shitty at metaphor.

This was funny too.

That tweet Mr. Dash linked.

Not that he got called out or anything. Everyone’s besties. Everyone’s fine shooting the shit about trolls. He agreed with them about too much I guess. So nice to have a man agree with you.

That never would have flown if that was the whole amount of credit they were given in a Jezebel article. Or if it was written by any woman. Except Sarah Kendzior. Because principles.

It could only be funnier if Dash wasn’t the only man who wrote a column that sounded so very twittersectional that they just loved because it agreed with them…rather than calling him out because he agreed with them so closely that maybe he should have cited somebody.