Anil Dash @anildash & ThinkUp @thinkup (USA)


Anil Dash is a Man heavily invested in the power of social media through his company, ThinkUp. He also believes he supports Women by publicly shaming Women who hold political views with which he thinks he disagrees. Acting in the typical fashion of the Male Feminist, Mr. Dash decided to “interrogate” Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan about whether she “loves and respects” “trans people.” Mr. Dash apparently believes Women and Girls are obligated to “love and respect” Men who rape us, kill us, set us on fire, stalk us, violate our boundaries, campaign to shut down rape crisis shelters and declare that Lesbians are bigots for not having sex with Men.

This is how Men practice “intersectionality” for the benefit of their fellow Men.


4 thoughts on “Anil Dash @anildash & ThinkUp @thinkup (USA)

  1. And by love and respect, I assume he means to worship at the altar of trans idolatry, because anything else is transphobia. The men really do hate us for disregarding them, don’t they? Well, I happily disregard men, and that includes the men in dresses. Thanks for standing up for yourself and all of us lesbians, Cathy.

  2. I took the question he posed and told him that, yes, it is possible to love and respect a person while still not catering to their delusions or fantasies. He made no reply to me at all. So I guess he has some agenda against Brennan. Glad to see him show-cased here as it lets us know what his game is.

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