Jeff White @TheGayJeff & the Rainbow Center @MSRainbowCenter (USA)


Jeff White is a gay man who resigned from his position at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, an organization that he founded, because he unfortunately thought he could have a rational discussion with a “transwoman.” In part, these “transwomen” abused White because he objected to being called cisgender. White has every right to reject the term “cisgender,” which does not apply to any person engaged in homosexual relationships. You can read White’s account of the targeted harassment he endured here. Numerous “transwomen” participated in the abuse, including Craig Kohner and Andi Dier.

Mississippi LGBT org’s founder resigns amid trans controversy _ Deep South Daily



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    A 33-year-old gay volunteer breaks down in tears describing a week-long barrage of social media harassment that forced him to resign from the organization he helped found – because he objected to the label “cisgender.”

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    That feel when transgenderists ignore all the homophobia of the trans movement and ignore the fact that it’s homophobic as hell to accuse lesbians of being “transphobic” because they won’t fuck dudes with dicks. Most transgender males (“transwomen”) still have their dicks. Not that it would make a difference if they didn’t since lesbians are women sexually attracted to other women.


    A lesbian faery.

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