Lizzi Duff & Peoples Bank @Tobitastic @GenderJusticeWA (USA)


Lizzi Duff is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He filed a discrimination complaint against his bank, Peoples Bank, for the bank’s refusal to give him his account balance over the telephone because the bank employee could not confirm that he was female, and his account is listed as belonging to a female. Duff has teamed up with pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer to “protest” the bank.

Duff asserts he was “profiled” by the bank because he does not sound like a Woman. He does not, in fact, sound like a Woman. Banks have an obligation to protect consumer data. The Seattle Office for Civil Rights will now decide if the bank’s reasonable steps to safeguard consumer data constitutes “discrimination.”

Solidarity with Lizzi _ Gender Justice League

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