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An Oklahoma City Man claims he was ridiculed by the Oklahoma County jail staff and verbally assaulted and “outed” by inmates after he was arrested for speeding with a suspended license and no insurance earlier this month. Sasha Ingram, 25, said when he arrived at the Oklahoma County jail May 20, he had already established with the arresting officers that he was transgender, but that it didn’t stop the jail employees from mocking him and playing jokes at his expense. In a statement released Friday afternoon, an Oklahoma County jail spokesman said officials reviewed the video of Ingram’s booking after being notified of his complaint by The Oklahoman and that jail personnel acted according to policy.

The statement said that after staff spoke with Ingram, he was booked into the jail as a female and the name of Sasha Ingram was added to his booking history. It is disturbing that this man was “booked into the jail as a female.” Incarcerated Women also deserve to be treated humanely while serving their sentences, which means space away from males. The United Nations affirmed this belief in its Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners:


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