The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has announced that it will openly violate the rights of Women and Girls by housing transgender detainees based on the gender they identify with. Detention staff should consider transgender detainees’ preferences when making decisions about housing and clothing and what pronouns should be used, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in new guidelines for the treatment of transgender detainees. Continue reading “ICE @ICEgov (USA)”

Oliver @HeyAndyOliver v. Reconciling Ministries Network @rmnetwork (USA)


According to news accounts, Andy Oliver, the former director of communications for Reconciling Ministries Network, a pro-GLBT Methodist group boasting the support of hundreds of congregations throughout the country, claims that the organization has exhibited transgender discrimination, according to a complaint filed with the Cook County, Illinois Commission on Human Rights. Oliver accused the group’s executive director, Matt Berryman, unjustly fired him following his refusal to engage in an action he considered discriminatory on the basis of gender identity.

We support Mr. Oliver in his complaint. Discrimination in the workplace based on sex stereotypes is wrong, and retaliating against a worker for refusing to participate in such discrimination is also wrong.

Reconciling Ministries Network Ex-Employee Files ‘Gender Identity Discrimination’ Complaint Against Pro-LGBT Methodist Group

Philip Rosati and Peter C. Renn @LambdaLegal (USA)

Peter Renn
Phillip Rosati
Phillip Rosati

Peter Renn is a staff attorney at Lambda Legal, a gay rights organization. He successfully argued to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that Philip Rosati, a man who killed his wife, should be allowed to sue California prison officials for violating his Eighth Amendment through deliberate indifference to his severe gender dysphoria.

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This is what Rosati did to his wife, Franceska :

About 9:00 a.m. on April 20, 1997, Andrew Thomas, Franceska’s 15 year-old son, found his mother dead in her bed in the bedroom she shared with Rosati. When Thomas went to bed shortly after 10:00 p.m. the night before, Rosati and Franceska were arguing. When Thomas awoke on April 20, Rosati was gone. Rosati was with Franceska when she died. Rosati fled out of state, abandoning one of the family’s cars, renting a car which he abandoned in Texas, and making arrangements to access Franceska’s remaining money. When Rosati learned authorities were pursuing him, he returned to California, but was arrested before turning himself in. These facts were undisputed. The prosecution argued Rosati, an admitted drug seller/addict and felon, murdered Franceska for financial gain as the culmination of a failing marriage, fled, and was caught while continuing to try and elude the police. At trial, Rosati testified he discovered Franceska not breathing and without a pulse from self-inflicted heroin ingestion, revived her, fell asleep, awoke to find her dead, and fled, fearing he would be accused of killing her. Rosati claimed he returned to California intending to turn himself in, but was arrested before he could do so.Franceska married Rosati while he was in prison for robbery. After his release, Rosati moved in with Franceska and Thomas. While Rosati was employed, he continued to use heroin regularly, using up much of Franceska’s financial reserves received as an inheritance from her father. The couple argued regularly about Rosati’s heroin addiction. Franceska complained that Rosati hit her two times during these arguments. Once, Franceska took heroin herself to show Rosati the problems associated with living with a drug abuser. Franceska worked regularly. She was depressed, but not suicidal. Thomas’ and Rosati’s relationship became strained. In the weeks before her death, the couple’s relationship deteriorated. Franceska reported she was considering divorce. Rosati quit his job.

Investigators responding to Thomas’ 911 call found Franceska’s nude body on her back in bed, underneath an afghan and on top of a slightly bloody towel. Rigor mortis and unresponsive blood pooling in Franceska’s body indicated she had been dead several hours and had not been moved after death. Franceska’s external genitalia were discolored and bruised. When turned over, Franceska’s body disclosed the initials PR carved lightly into her left buttocks. The tiny amount of blood suggested the initials were carved after Franceska died. Otherwise, Franceska’s body displayed no visible trauma. The bedroom was undisturbed, nothing was missing, the family dog had not barked during the night, and there were no signs of a struggle. Investigators found two extra-strength acetaminophen capsules near the body, and a lighter and cigarette ashes on the bed. Other than one pillow found on a sweatshirt, the bedding was undisturbed. Investigators found an inside-out pair of red sweat pants on the floor at the foot of the bed. Investigators also recovered several rolls of film, some of which contained photos of Franceska both before and after death, Franceska’s diaries, and financial data.

At the time of her death, Franceska stood five feet, five inches tall, weighed 118 pounds, and possessed good health, with no chronic health problems. She had no injection sites or track marks on her arms, negating recent or chronic drug abuse. However, Franceska’s autopsy disclosed a potentially lethal dose of free morphine in her blood. Heroin almost immediately begins to metabolize into free morphine after injection into a living person. Thus, Franceska was alive when the heroin was injected. The coroner found no injection sites during the autopsy, but only looked for them on Franceska’s arms. After the body was cremated, the coroner used autopsy photos to opine that four small red welts on Franceska’s buttocks could have been injection marks. Normally, death caused by a heroin overdose results from slowed metabolism that leads to pulmonary edema, fluid buildup in the lungs from which the person essentially drowns. Franceska had only slight pulmonary edema, inconsistent with death from a heroin overdose.

The coroner opined that Franceska died from asphyxiation caused by compression of her face and neck, most likely caused by suffocation through use of a soft object like a pillow. While there was no definitive evidence of strangulation, strangulation often does not leave visible neck trauma. Franceska also had small abrasions on the right cheek, a bruised tongue, and an internal lip cut, all consistent with asphyxiation by suffocation. Inside her neck, Franceska had significant hemorrhaging to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, also consistent with heavy neck pressure. Franceska’s body bore no signs of attempted resuscitation.

Two defense experts opined that a heroin overdose sometimes causes rapid heart failure, causing rapid death without the normal amount of pulmonary edema, and that Franceska’s other injuries might have been caused by attempted resuscitation.

Rosati v. Igbinoso

Federal appeals court returns to question of sex-reassignment surgery in prison – The Orange County Register

California Prison Officials May Be Violating Transgender Inmate’s Rights_ Court _ NBC Bay Area

Appellate Win for Calif. Transgender Inmate

Wilson Lojan (USA)

Westchester County, New York settled out of court with a transgender individual, identified as both Wilson Lojan and Mishele in court documents, who allegedly was sexually assaulted while being held in Westchester County Jail. The victim settled for $65,000. The county Board of Legislators approved the settlement last week. In March 2011, Lojan, an Ecuadorian national living in New York state, was put in county jail after charges stemming from attacking a 25-year-old man with scissors in Mount Pleasant. According to court documents, the sexual assault took place that August when a fellow inmate with a history of violent conduct named Spencer Crumbsie, who was employed by the county to assist corrections officers, gained access to Lojan’s cell to give Lojan a broom. Crumbsie then grabbed Lojan’s breasts before forcing Lojan to perform oral sex on him, court documents said.

All people have a right to not be sexually assaulted while incarcerated (or anywhere else).

Westchester County to pay $65K to transgender inmate over alleged assault

Brown v. Wilson (USA)

Robert Floyd Brown Jr. has been incarcerated since 2005 for crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children. Specifically, while posing as a woman, Brown convinced teenage boys to send sexual images over the internet then threatened public distribution if they did not perform more sexual acts. His victims included a 14 year old and 10 year old in Kansas, a 14 year old and 15 year old in Colorado and a 15 year old in Texas.

He recently lost his lawsuit for 8th Amendment violations based on gender identity in federal court. Brown, who is allowed to wear a sports bra, specifically claimed that giving him Nair to remove his hair instead of electrolysis is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. He also claimed that not allowing him to buy “female items” like makeup violates the U.S. Constitution. The court rejected these claims.

Brown v. Wilson



Franklin v. Franklin (USA)

Charles Franklin is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He had a daughter with a Woman, Cassie, and the parenting of their daughter became subject to a court order giving custody to Cassie and awarding Charles visitation. Cassie petitioned the court to modify visitation because of their daughter’s school schedule. The family court granted this, and also ordered counseling for his daughter because she was confused about the fact that her father now claimed he was a Woman. Charles appealed, claiming he was discriminated against because he is a Man who thinks he is a Woman. The Supreme Court of Delaware rejected Charles’ claim of discrimination and upheld the family court.

Franklin v. Franklin

Anil Dash @AnilDash @ThinkUp (USA)

This is a Guest Post from an Anonymous Woman on Male Feminist Anil Dash, who came to our attention when he thought it was his place to demand Lesbians “love and respect” Men who repeatedly violate Women.

Since Anil Dash is so keen to question whether feminists love and respect trans people enough for his taste, and equally rushed to slander lesbians on their behalf, let’s look at some of the people Dash loves and respects.

For instance. Here’s Dash chumming it up with Dana McCallum, who ended up being convicted of violently abusing their wife, but only served four days in jail for it because of their reputation as an LGBT-rights and diversity activist. Dash should think very hard about what he believes as a result of conversations with this violent and dangerous person, because abusive individuals often have high emotional intelligence and will groom their friends to think in ways that reduce sympathy for their victims.

Here’s Dash chumming it up with @oolon and @VanguardVivian, males who think it’s a hate crime to believe that penises are male sexual organs. Males who think the term “female genital mutilation” is “cissexist” and were willing to add a woman of color to The Block Bot for disagreeing about that.

Here’s Dash talking with Melissa Gira Grant, a woman who appears to believe that adults should be able to legally purchase sex from children, including trans children who may be pushed unwillingly into the sex trade through poverty and homelessness.

Whenever Grant talks about police or “carceral feminism,” you should replace that text with these words to help make sense of her full position: “I’m playing on your sympathies for desperate children to claim that adults should not be arrested for child rape.” How does supporting the full legalization of pedophiles’ access to trans children for sexual exploitation love and respect them?

Here are some of Grant’s thoughts on “young people who do sex work.” She thinks that what hurts young people in the sex trade are laws against raping them. Emphasis added.

Melissa Gira Grant: “Prohibitions on sex work —
even when targeted at third-parties such as customers
advertising venues — criminalize young people and force them further
underground in order to meet their survival needs. As a result, they
are more vulnerable to violence and isolated from one another and from
rights advocates.”

Driving the point home farther down in her essay, Grant says more explicitly that she doesn’t think statutory rape prohibitions should be part of the criminal code. However, these laws are based on the legally and scientifically sound understanding of juveniles as still needing time to mature before making adult decisions whose consequences they can’t fully understand, or before being capable of consensually responding to sexual advances from an adult.

Melissa Gira Grant: “We must also recognize that not all
young people who do sex work and who are impacted by the sex trade are

Here’s Dash dismissing someone for getting “het up” over women being added to The Block Bot for opposing hate speech against lesbians and feminists.

Dash should be asking himself whether he loves and respects trans people, children who are serially raped in the sex industry, or women of any description. Feminists will be over here continuing to not need his “help” figuring out what we should think about these issues or his awful friends.

Anil Dash @AnilDash @ThinkUp (USA)

This is a Guest Post from an Anonymous Woman on Male Feminist Anil Dash, who came to our attention when he thought it was his place to demand Lesbians “love and respect” Men who repeatedly violate Women.

Mr. Dash has been spending a lot of time reading twittersectionalists and writes an article that reads like one of their rants as if this is something he came up with on his own.

Or as I read it? Leave Britney alone!

Dash asks, “What Is Public?”

What if the public speech on Facebook and Twitter is more akin to
a conversation happening between two people at a restaurant? Or two
people speaking quietly at home, albeit near a window that happens to
be open to the street? And if more than a billion people are active on
various social networking applications each week, are we saying that
there are now a billion public figures? When did we agree to let media
redefine everyone who uses social networks as fair game, with no
recourse and no framework for consent?

Amazing. The argument sounds just as bull when a man says it. How many things is that true of? But there is already a framework for consent on social media. It’s called privacy settings. If you don’t want your comments public, make them private.

Twitter can’t just be public when twittersectionalists want to stick to Twitter to make sure there’s a record…but suddenly be
private when they say so. Because they say so.

Saying things in public under your own name has risks. Most people know that. Too many handwringing articles have been written about it for there to be anything original left to say. That’s why a lot of people use anonymous screen names if they want to signal that they’d like to speak in public but not be identified, and why doxxing people who do so is so looked down on that even Reddit doesn’t approve. Doxxing an anonymous person is not the same as quoting someone who has published comments to a public website under their own name any more than it’s like secretly recording someone who doesn’t know they’re being recorded, which is illegal in many places and frowned on everywhere unless you’re uncovering criminal activity.

When your friends want to go to the mattresses over metaphor itself being the actual worst? I guess you get extra shitty at metaphor.

This was funny too.

That tweet Mr. Dash linked.

Not that he got called out or anything. Everyone’s besties. Everyone’s fine shooting the shit about trolls. He agreed with them about too much I guess. So nice to have a man agree with you.

That never would have flown if that was the whole amount of credit they were given in a Jezebel article. Or if it was written by any woman. Except Sarah Kendzior. Because principles.

It could only be funnier if Dash wasn’t the only man who wrote a column that sounded so very twittersectional that they just loved because it agreed with them…rather than calling him out because he agreed with them so closely that maybe he should have cited somebody.