SF Examiner @sfexaminer and Brendan P. Bartholomew (USA)

3Brendan P. Bartholomew is a men’s rights activist employed as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. He spends his days harassing Women on social media for having an analysis of gender he does not like.

Angry White Male MRA
Angry White Male MRA

In 2015, “reporters” routinely display media bias, rendering them unreliable sources of information on current events.

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2 thoughts on “SF Examiner @sfexaminer and Brendan P. Bartholomew (USA)”

  1. Where is he advocating for men’s rights? I continually find it interesting how people will tell everyone that “TERF is a slur” and then use MRA in the same way that “TERF is a slur” and not see the hypocrisy. Advocating against trans exclusion, or for trans inclusion, or anything other than “men’s rights” is not the definition of a MRA.

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