Champagne Starr (USA)


Champagne Starr is a Man who identifies as a Woman who worked at the 19th Judicial District Courthouse’s privately run cafeteria since January. Building manager Mike Whatley told Starr that women were complaining about her use of the bathroom and instructed her that she could no longer use the court’s restrooms for women. For a brief time, Starr used a bathroom across the street. But, ultimately, she was given access to a private bathroom on a different floor.

Starr felt that compromise, and the conversations that led up to it, still made her feel singled out. The solution was to ask Starr what sex was listed on her driver’s license. When Whatley found out she was identified as a man on the license, Whatley told her that fact meant she couldn’t use the women’s restrooms in the building. Starr has “presented” herself as a woman since 2012, but began transitioning about seven years ago when she started hormone therapy. Starr’s legal name is William Roundtree, though she says she’s submitted paperwork for a name change. She ran for Metro Council in District 6 against Donna Collins-Lewis in 2012, while transitioning, but before she identified as a woman.

Bathroom access for transgender woman at Baton Rouge courthouse causes stir _ News _ The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana