2 thoughts on “Luna Merbruja and Everyday Feminism @EvrydayFeminism (USA)”

  1. “We are denied access to various women’s spaces, like nail and hair salons, political movements, support groups, and bathrooms.”

    Since when are nail and hair salons “women’s spaces”. Nothing sexist about this…No one really cares if males who “identify as women” use hair or nail salons. I don’t think this is an issue for most people.

    Political movements….It all depends on what kind of political movement….Issues that directly impact women such as reproductive rights, abortion, etc. have nothing to do with transwomen (biological males). Do males need abortions? There are issues that are important to women that have nothing to do with transgender.

    Support groups….I believe that there should be some women only support groups. By women, I don’t mean males who “identify as women”. If transgender identified people can have their Transgender Day of Remembrance and other activities specifically for transgender people, then women should have female specific groups.


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