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“From the civil rights perspective, we’re saying trans women are women,” Smith College president Kathleen McCartney said in a telephone interview. “What we’re doing here is really affirming that we’re a women’s college and we have an unwavering mission and identity as a women’s college.”

The Smith College board of trustees voted to begin accepting undergraduate applicants who consider themselves to be transgender women. The shift to a self-identification admissions policy at the women’s college in Northampton goes into effect for students submitting applications in the fall of 2015. Under the new admissions policy, applicants who were born male but identify as women are eligible for admission. Applicants must select “female” on the Common Application to be considered.

Smith College is now a co-ed school like virtually every other college in the United States. You can read Elizabeth Hungerford on this issue here.

Smith College votes to accept transgender students – Metro – The Boston Globe


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  1. I’m convinced that the trans issue is just a backdoor way to force the few remaining women’s colleges in coeducational status. When everybody is admitted but a male-identified male, then all you need at that point is one lawsuit. And I’m not sure what a women’s college could argue at that point. You admit female-identified females, you admit male-identified females, you admit female-identified males. So what the heck? Why are you singling out one group for discrimination, blah blah?

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