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Maggie’s – Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is a Men’s Rights organization that has harassed radical feminists in Canada for years, most notably at at Radfem Riseup in 2013. They have now targeted Meghan Murphy, who runs Feminist Current, because they object to her analysis of prostitution. Specifically, they seek to sabotage her employment with rabble, a Canadian blog that publishes run of the mill queer theory type “analysis.”

Interestingly, Maggie’s receives government funding while at the same time advocating for the reduction of age of consent laws. In other words, in addition to harassing Women for objecting to the idea that Women can be sold for paid rape while receiving public funding, Maggie’s received $176,416 in 2013 to push their pro-pedophillia stance.


Maggie’s has been advocating for this since 1982, as you can read in this early version of their website here and here.

Translation: Maggie's supports child rape.
Translation: Maggie’s supports child rape.

In 2015, Women are called “racist,” “transphobic” and “whorephobic” for objecting to the commodication and dehumanization of Women and Girls.

There is a petition in support of Murphy that you can sign here.


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  1. Wow, 94% funded by government.
    I’m looking for citations on this group “advocating for the reduction of age of consent laws” if those are available? My own search hasn’t turned up a link.

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