Isaak v. Idaho DOC (USA)


In 2007, a federal judge declined to dismiss the lawsuit of an inmate who claims the Idaho Department of Correction failed to treat him for gender identity disorder. Josephime Von Isaak, who legally changed his name from Augustus Joseph Isaak, is a male-to-female transsexual who suffers from gender identity disorder. Isaak claims that he was compelled to remove his own testicles with a razor after the state failed to diagnose and treat his disorder. Even then, the lawsuit alleges, Isaak went without the estrogen treatment he wanted, and a year after self-castrating he amputated the tip of his penis. The case was subsequently settled.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights represented this Man.

He is serving a life sentence for killing 53-year-old Jack Herridge in 1995.


Isaak v. Idaho DOC

Transgender inmate’s suit upheld – – Oct