The unknown victims of Brazilian transvestite Veronica Bolina (Charleston Alves Francisco)

Who are the women he brutalized before being arrested?


It was Saturday 11, April, and Laura P., was sitting on her couch, working.  She heard someone knocking, went up and opened the door. It was Charleston Francisco (Veronica Bolina), and what he said to her was appalling:

“I think you are the Devil and I’m going to kill you”  (link in Brazilian Portuguese)

This is how her nightmare started.

Charleston, who is 25 years old and male, then proceeded to punch Laura, a 73 years old woman. Bia, another transvestite, helped Laura – and was also beaten by Charleston. A second woman, called Livia, suffered other injuries. Except for one news site, Brazilian media didn’t bother mentioning Laura, Livia or Bia.

As Bia intervened, Laura locked her condo door, but Charleston came back and opened the door with a kick. He then started to break things in her house, and to beat Laura with her own walking stick. Then he threw a chair against her.

By the time the cops arrived at the scene, Charleston had beaten Laura so badly that she lost all of ther upper teeth, had a head trauma, needed dozens of stitches in the head, had her right arm and nose broken and her legs hamstrings teared.



As Laura went to the hospital, the cops took Charleston to prison, charging him for murder attempt and trying to flee the scene, among other things. When Charleston arrived at his grupal jailhouse, he didn’t want to stay with the other inmates, and the warder proceeded to move him for another prison cell. A fight broke among then, and ended up with Charleston biting off half of the warder’s ear. He kept the ear in his mouth for the next hour and was beaten on his face, either by the other inmates, the warder or both. And that was the moment when transactivists and even politicians started campaigning for him.


Someone leaked pictures of Charleston under police custody to the media. Three different LGBT groups went to the prison in order to find out what was happening. Agatha Lima, a transvestite who is the president of Conselho Estadual dos Direitos da População LGBT de São Paulo (a government agency specialized on LGBT rights and causes) wrote and signed a public letter about the situation (link in Brazilian Portuguese).  On the letter, Agatha says they “educated” the comissary and deputy team on the subject of gender identity, as well as how to speak the “right pronouns” for Charleston. After that, they’re put in the presence of Charleston, and Agatha mentions his face and left hand were swollen. Charleston asked for a bath and his wig back, the Comissary authorized him to have both things, and asked Charleston to tell the truth to everybody.



As Agatha put it, Charleston said he heard the voices of God and the Devil, and told them all the times he was beaten happened because he started the fight. He mentioned the time he had beaten a deputy team with his high heels, and said he considered the warden – who lost his ear – as a father to him.

Agatha ends the letter saying Charleston told the same story that happened with him a lot of times, and he praised the Conselho Estadual, which in turn, promised to keep on watching his case.




His mother, Marli Ferreira Alves Francisco, confirmed the story that he was beaten in the face because he didn’t want to let go of the ear:

“She was beaten on the face because she kept the ear on her mouth. They didn’t sedate her, they spanked her in order to get the ear back”  (sic)

There’s no doubt Charleston was beaten under arrest, but having a swollen face, and not a single broken bone, was he tortured, as Brazilian Media is saying?

In the meanwhile, supporting groups arose for Charleston, mostly on Facebook, as transactivists wanted to make a case. A Facebook page called “Somos todas Verônica” (“We are all Veronica”) started publishing “fan art” in order to make the public opinion support his Charleston. Here’s one of the pictures they’ve published:


6Now, considering this is a violent individual who may even have mental disorders, why is he being put in the condition of a martyr? Why is a male being turned into an example of how women of color are treated by Brazilian cops? Why isn’t the Brazilian media speaking about the victims he made, including the other transvestite? Why isn’t this other transvestite being mentioned for helping the lady Charleston was brutalizing? Why isn’t International Media speaking openly about his violent acts? Why would the social justice and human rights movements choose someone who committed brutal acts against a woman to be an example?

The answer is clear: we all know how people of color and specially women of color are treated by Brazilian police, it’s on the news everyday. And no one should be assaulted neither by other inmates nor by cops while one’s under police custody. But the activists protecting Charleston aren’t really worried about humans rights, the only interest they have is to pass the gender identity agenda.