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The Executive Director at the National LGBTQ Task Force, Rea Carey, announced that the Task Force was withdrawing its name from the anti-Lesbian petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival started by Equality Michigan. The move comes days after the National Center for Lesbian Rights did the same thing. Carey’s statement follows. Note that Carey does not apologize, nor does she recognize that oppressed groups have every right to seek and create space with other members of the oppressed group. The Task Force used to care about creating safe space for oppressed groups, but abandoned this value when Transgenderism proved to be more profitable.


Last year, the National LGBTQ Task Force signed onto a petition organized by Equality Michigan which called upon the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (Michfest) to fully welcome and include transgender women, as women, at the festival.

You took the time to write to me and I appreciate that you did – you and others shared with me your perspectives and experiences on the land that some described as “sacred,” “an annual touchstone,” iconic” and “home.” I heard that you are angry and hurt by the Task Force and other organizations signing the petition. I heard from you and others that Michfest is a truly historic and transformative annual event that has influenced, inspired and helped to liberate millions of womyn/women from the daily trials and tribulations of misogyny and sexism. It holds a very special place in the hearts of lesbians and other womyn/women.

In the months between then and now, I have talked with womyn/women who have attended, womyn/women who would like to attend, and other people who have a variety of views. I’ve talked with our colleagues at Equality Michigan, leaders of other organizations who have been engaged in this, and with transgender women. From these conversations, I have gleaned shared values, differing opinions, and have come to a view that in order to move forward in any type of dialogue we must move beyond the petition.

I am writing to let you know that the Task Force has asked that our name be removed from the Equality Michigan petition and we will be seeking other ways to be in dialogue about Michfest’s intention regarding transgender women. As we reflected on the petition’s contents and read carefully letters from concerned people like you, we came to understand that the point in the original petition that called for a boycott of vendors and performers was misaligned with our own support for womyn/women artists, craftspeople and musicians. Although that point was withdrawn from the petition, we recognize and share the deep concern about the possible economic impact on womyn/women striving every day to make a living through their art, craft and music.

Please know that the Task Force’s view regarding the MichFest intention is rooted in our core value of inclusiveness and the festival’s extraordinary transformative power. For over 40 years, the Task Force has worked for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identified people in all areas of our lives – whether it be in the workplace, the government, companies and, yes, in our own community.

The Task Force will remain in active discussion with MichFest womyn/women, Equality Michigan, transgender colleagues, and other organizations that signed the petition. The Task Force is committed to productive discussions in which we honor our differences and also pursue our desire for MichFest to fully welcome the gender identities of all womyn/women at the festival, including transgender women.

For over 40 years, the Task Force has worked for a changed world. A world in which we can all experience liberation. A world in which misogyny cannot thrive. A world in which womyn/women, lesbians, bisexual women and transgender women no longer experience sexism, targeted attacks and the most horrible form of violence – murder. As we intensify our work to take on all of the challenges we face as a movement, know that these values are at the heart of what we do.

With care and in solidarity,

Task Force removes name from Equality Michigan MichFest petition – The Task Force

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  1. Apparently, this is the way it works. They put token women up front to show that they are “inclusive” and aren’t misogynistic to the core. Actions speak louder than words, and this is all that really matters in the end. I prefer to look at what they have done, not a half ass attempt at an apology. At the same time they are making a lame attempt at pretending that they actually care about women, they are actively supporting every whim and desire of transgender activists. For the last decade or so, every major “LGBT” organization has worked overtime for the “right” of males to access women’s restrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters, etc. How women feel about this is irrelevant. Why would organizations like the “Task Force”, HRC, etc. work to push through legislation that directly impacts half the population, and purposely ignore the interests and real concerns of all women? It’s not complicated at all. They don’t care about the female sex as a whole. From death threats directed towards “TERFs” ( ) to the public shaming and ridicule of women who are forced to share a locker room with males like “Carlotta Sklodowska”, women need to face the cold hard truth. Deep down, they don’t care about women.

    “The Task Force is committed to productive discussions in which we honor our differences and also pursue our desire for MichFest to fully welcome the gender identities of all womyn/women at the festival, including transgender women.”

    (1.) Why is the “Task Force” even telling women what they can and cannot do on their privately owned land? Frankly, it’s none of their business.

    (2.) Didn’t the National LGBTQ Task Force and every major “LGBT organization” support AB1266? AB1266 amends Section 221.5 of the California Education Code what was historically designed to address discrimination based on sex. Not only does AB1266 shred the privacy rights of female students, it craps all over what second wave feminist fought so hard for. By the way, it was two gay men from San Francisco who authored AB1266.

    In fact, there isn’t a “gender identity” law or policy that every mainstream, major “LGBT organization” hasn’t supported. The “L” has never had any power in LGBT organizations. We all know it’s true. It’s always been gay men who really control the agenda. Now, it’s transgender activists who pull the strings.

    Why would any woman support organizations that are actively working to erase our rights?

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