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Marcie Bianco is a “queer” academic who recently published a wholly misleading “article” for Mic claiming that no transgender person has ever assaulted women in public restrooms. When numerous commenters noted that, in fact, there are many instances of this occurring, this was her Harvard-trained response:

rickBianco is one of many Men’s Rights Activists who has made a career out of gaslighting Women around this issue. Transwomen are actually male, and Women like Bianco do a disservice to actual Women by publishing propaganda that suggests so-called Transwomen never assault Women. Bianco is willfully ignorant of “Transwomen” like Patrick Hagan and Gregory Philip Schwartz and Taylor J. Buehler. More criminal Transwomen are also described here.

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  1. “Marcie Bianco is a “queer” academic who recently published a wholly misleading “article” for Mic claiming that no transgender person has ever assaulted women in public restrooms.”

    The way they try to weasel their way out of this is both amusing and deeply disturbing. Wholly misleading is an understatement.

    Apparently, “men dressed as women are not trans women” can be both true and not true at the same time. How can something be both true and false at the same time? There really isn’t any consistent logic behind it all, but it’s politically incorrect to point this out. According to which Trans* Umbrella people are talking about, cross dressers are, indeed, transgender. Moreover, there are cross dressing males who proudly state they are transgender.

    “I am a crossdresser – or at least that is a good way to describe me. Crossdressers are considered part of the broad spectrum of people that we term as being “transgendered.”

    See this Trans* Umbrella, and notice “cross dressers”. To bolster their numbers, trans activists toss cross dressers under the special Trans* Umbrella. When cross dressers turn out to be creepy men with obvious sexual fetishes like Gregory Philip Schwartz or Russell Williams, it’s like, “No, we don’t claim them”. Are they transgender, or aren’t they? It seems that cross dressers are both transgender and not transgender at the same time. Or, it depends on the circumstances.

    If they are both males dressed in a skirt and bad wig, how are women supposed to tell the difference between a harmless transwoman in a dress and the run of the mill voyeur in a dress? To women, they look like one and the same. Besides, any cross dressing male can say he is transgender at any time.

    In addition to the fact that there are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders, paraphilias are more common in males. If people don’t know what paraphilias are, these are good examples.–288752051.html

    Even the defense attorney says Schwartz has a transvestic fetish. No, it’s not drug induced. It’s something that he admits to having most of his adult life.

    Cross-dressing Russell Williams, a highly decorated Canadian Air Force colonel, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for 88 sex crimes including 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of sexual assault. After each of these crimes, he photographed himself in his victims’ underwear and bras. One victim who survived was subjected to a three and half hour sexual assault.

    For some men, cross dressing is a sexual fetish. I’m not saying all men who like to dress in women’s clothing, but it certainly is true for some males. Cross dressers are under the Trans* Umbrella. Since when is a sexual fetish a civil right?

    There are numerous examples of males dressed as women who have been convicted of committing crimes inside women’s restrooms. Click on the links above. Below is just a small sample. I don’t believe these incidents are covered in the links listed above.

    In 2013, Jason Pomare victimized women in Los Angeles. He wore a bra, wig and female clothing to gain access to a women’s bathroom at a Los Angeles Macy’s Department Store so he could secretly video-record the women and girls inside. He had a video camera in a bag, which he slid underneath stalls in order to secretly video-record women and girls as they were using the toilet. When he was caught, he had hours of video of women and girls he recorded by pointing his camera under restroom stalls. Who knows whether he had made other, previous recordings that we do not know about? Who knows how many women and girls were victimized?

    Also, in 2013, Rodney Kenneth Petersen was arrested for dressing as a woman to enter a woman’s dormitory and take pictures of the coeds at Loma Linda University in California. An investigation revealed that Peterson had previously dressed as a woman and entered other female- only facilities, trying to take photos of women and girls with a cell phone he had hidden in his purse.

    In 2012, Taylor J. Buehler was arrested in Everett, Washington for voyeurism. He donned a bra and wig to appear as a woman so he could go into the women’s bathroom at Everett Community College. Once inside the bathroom, he began leering at the two women who were using the facilities. After his arrest, he admitted that he had previously taken a shower in a girls’ locker room for “sexual gratification.” Buehler was convicted of voyeurism.

    In 2011, Joel Hardman, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham in England, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms, where he spied on women using the toilets. After being arrested, he explained that he got sexual gratification from listening to women using toilets. While in the bathrooms, he not only listened—he also made audio recordings of the women urinating.

    Registered sex offender, Thomas Lee Benson, admits to enjoying wearing dresses. He all but admits it’s a compulsion. In 2011, he was caught using the women’s locker room at a swimming pool in North Clackamas, Oregon. There were young girls present in the locker room changing into their swimsuits while Benson was inside. Previously, Benson had dressed as a woman to enter a women’s dressing room at a pool in Portland, Oregon. Young girls where changing into their swimsuits in that dressing room, too. I don’t know if he was officially charged with a crime, but Thomas Lee Benson is considered a dangerous sex offender who isn’t supposed to be around young girls.

    There are numerous links here.

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