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Shameless, opportunistic politician

Shameless, opportunistic politician seizing on the suicide of a teenager to advance her career

Dr. Susan Bradley is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, a former Head of the Division of Child Psychiatry, and a former Psychiatrist-in-Chief at The Hospital for Sick Children. She opposes Bill 77, a bill to ban “conversion therapy,” a shamelessly opportunistic piece of legislation pushed by Cheri DiNovo, a homophobic men’s rights activist who disguises herself on “trans rights” to push her regressive agenda.

Dr. Bradley opposes the bill because she practices a type of therapy she thinks would become illegal if Bill 77 passes. She treats young children so that they no longer wish to change sex. In so doing, she has helped countless numbers of gay and lesbian youth lead happy lives.

We support efforts to ban actual conversion therapy, in which Christian therapists seek to make children who express homosexual feelings not express those feelings. Actual conversion therapy has been debunked in many studies. That is different than counseling children to accept themselves without enslaving themselves to a lifetime of hormones, mutilating surgeries, and a community that prioritizes running roughshod over Women’s rights.

Bill 77

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  1. Are there behavioral health professionals who practice true conversion therapy who haven’t lost license or certification? Any that haven’t been kicked out of their professional organizations? Does any insurance pay for conversion therapy? Not defending conversion therapy for minute, but would these laws change things in any way? Conversion therapy has been thoroughly debunked already. A lot of conversion therapy has involved physical abuse and aversion therapy, which is easier to define and should not be practiced for any reason. Christians could still do unlicensed counseling to “pray the gay away” and call it something else under free speech laws. I just am unclear on how this benefits gays and lesbians in any way.

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