Daskalakis v. Forever 21, Inc. (USA)

Alexia Daskalakis

Alexia Daskalakis, a Man who identifies as a Women, filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Forever 21, accusing the retailer of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation under New York law.

Daskalakis started working as a sales associate at a Forever 21 store in Brooklyn in May 2011 and was soon promoted to visual merchandiser, a role that made him responsible for setting up store displays. In January 2014, Daskalasis began transitioning to present as a woman, began dressing in a more stereotypically feminine manner, and started wearing makeup. Daskalakis began taking hormones to physically transition in August 2014. Over the next few months, male supervisors allegedly insulted him and subjected him to bias because of his transgender identity, the lawsuit says. In one instance, a store manager allegedly told Daskalasis that his clothing choice of jeans, a crop top, and leather jacket was inappropriate and that he needed to change even though female employees were wearing the same thing. He was ultimately fired.

Daskalakis v. Forever 21, Inc. Complaint

Daskalakis v. Forever 21, Inc.

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