Norsworthy v. Beard (USA)


The same federal judge that ruled that a convicted murderer has a right to sex reassignment surgery has now ruled that the state of California has no right to a stay of the requirement to give him sex reassignment surgery while the state appeals the ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the state must take all of the actions reasonably necessary to provide Jeffrey Norsworthy sex reassignment surgery as promptly as possible.

Norsworthy v. Beard

Williams v. Paramo (USA)

Lonnie Clark Williams is a transgender Male California prison inmate who filed a civil rights action pursuant to 42 U.S.C.§ 1983 in 2012 against Officers Daniel Paramo, R. Olsen, and E. Marrero of the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego (RJD) and against the County of Los Angeles, alleging violations of his constitutional rights to due process of law and to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Williams has been incarcerated since 2002. Williams has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon but appears to be in prison now due to drug offenses. Continue reading “Williams v. Paramo (USA)”

John Mark Karr/Alexis Valoran Reich/Delia Alexis Reich (USA)


In August 2006, a 41-year-old elementary school teacher John Mark Karr confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. Karr claimed that he drugged Ramsey and sexually assaulted her, but claimed her death was an accident. His confession was later debunked. Karr apparently then transitioned to “become a Woman,” using the names Alexis Valoran Reich and Delia Alexis Reich. Continue reading “John Mark Karr/Alexis Valoran Reich/Delia Alexis Reich (USA)”

Fallon Fox @FallonFox Kate Kendell @KateKendell & @NCLRights (USA)

funnyFallon Fox is a violent Man named Boyd Burton who beats up Women for a living. He is able to do this thanks to the advocacy of the National Center of Lesbian Rights. In April 2015, the NCLR removed its name from an anti-lesbian petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. This act caused Boyd to lose his mind, and he publicly berated Kate Kendell here.

In response, the NCLR SCRUBBED its website of the reference to its advocacy for Boyd.


These people deserve each other.


Veronica Bolina AKA Charleston Alves Francisco #SomosTodasVeronica @9e5059c7ae7a4e6 @VeroBolina92 (Brazil)

The unknown victims of Brazilian transvestite Veronica Bolina (Charleston Alves Francisco)

Who are the women he brutalized before being arrested?


Continue reading “Veronica Bolina AKA Charleston Alves Francisco #SomosTodasVeronica @9e5059c7ae7a4e6 @VeroBolina92 (Brazil)”

State v. Bridges (USA)


An Ohio appellate court affirmed the conviction of Andrey Bridges, who murdered Cemia Dove, a transgender woman of color. As most readers of this blog know, transgender women of color are the members of the transgender community who are most at risk of murder and assault, and they are almost 100% always murdered by men. However, now that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival no longer exists, we have every reason to believe this violence will end.*

State v. Bridges

Andrey Bridges sentenced to life in prison in stabbing death of transgender woman _ cleveland

* This is a sarcastic commentary on the priorities of the GLBTQ Movement.

Lisa Vogel and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival #michfest (USA)

Header-4Lisa Vogel is an amazing human being who produced the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for 39 years. On April 21, 2015, she announced that the Festival in August 2015, the 40th, would be the last Festival. You can read her statement here.

If you have not been to the Festival, you should go. You can buy a ticket here. You can join an online community for Women who have or want to attend here.

Letter from Lisa Vogel