PDX Trans* Pride @PDXTransPride Jorey Lee “Rebekah Katt” Brewis @kattcrazed (USA)


PDX Trans* Pride is an organization run by Jorey Lee “Rebekah Katt” Brewis, a Man who identifies as a Woman who has served a 70-month sentence robbery, with time added on for assault, carrying a weapon and supplying contraband. During the robbery, he threatened the female victim with a knife. While in prison, he castrated himself. Now released, Brewis and his organization apparently believe that Women do not have a right to organize politically or to object to abuse from Men.

Brewis (and the people below who like his harassment, including well-known MRA Alex Johnson, who calls himself Sofia) will be shocked to learn that it is in fact legal for Women to organize politically in ways he does not like and that it is also legal for Women to respond to Men who harass them.

Also, here is a video of Jorey “dancing”

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Jorey Brewis

In his various lawsuits filed against the prison system for his decision to cut off his balls, Brewis notes he was diagnosed with narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

Brewis v. Williams et al II Dismissed

Brewis v. Williams et al II

Brewis v. Williams et al Docket II

Brewis v. Williams et al

Brewis v. Williams et al Docket

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One thought on “PDX Trans* Pride @PDXTransPride Jorey Lee “Rebekah Katt” Brewis @kattcrazed (USA)

  1. Hi. First time poster here. That tweet looks like a death threat to me. Isn’t that illegal? At the very least, it’s rude, hateful and unfeminine. I mean, women aren’t as aggressive and violent as this M2T. We just don’t talk to one another like that.

    Why are transwomen so threatened by women? What is it about us that they wish to silence? Never before have I seen such blatant misogyny.

    As you posted, women are free to organize as we please. We never would have gotten the right to vote otherwise. And now transwomen want to take away our right to self-empowerment?

    You know who else besides transwomen are threatened by female empowerment? Men. Quelle surprise as they are one and the same.

    Not sure why they hate women so much. It’s a man’s world. If you don’t like the world, then blame the men who are in charge of it.

    Or keep practicing your strip dance routines. Because that’s the essence of femininity, right?

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