Yvette Cormier and @PlanetFitness (USA)

Yvette Cormier is a Michigan Woman who was banned from a Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan because she objected to the presence of a Man, Carlotta , in the Women’s locker room.

We support Ms. Cormier’s lawsuit, which you can read here. She asserts claims for invasion of privacy, sexual harassment under state law banning sex discrimination in public accommodations, retaliation for invoking her rights under state law banning sex discrimination, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

We note that Ms. Cormier, has only been a member of this gym since January 2015, while the “transwoman” in question – Carlotta Sklodowska – is clearly a fake name. Gender Identity Watch retained a private investigator who could find no evidence that Sklodowska is a real person “living as a woman.”