Joshua Truitt @jostruitt @Feministing @CJR (USA)


Joshua Truitt is a young Man who identifies as a Woman named “Jos.” He has somehow become relevant in feminist circles, specifically the choice community. He is well known for publicly expressing confusion as to why lesbian separatists would be concerned about pregnancy. He did so in the Columbia Journalism Review, a publication that should actually care about such blatant anti-feminism.

Joshua is Male. Males never have the fear that another Male will impregnate them. Lesbian separatists are Female. All Females, regardless of sexual orientation, have a fear that they may become pregnant, as sexual violence against Females has reproductive consequences. this is basic feminism, but we are not allowed to say this out loud any more, because then Men like Joshua will complain you are excluding “Women” like “her.”

Joshua is a Men’s Rights Activist. The silence from the choice community around his blatant lesbophobia is chilling. The silence around Women’s inability to talk about our biology is killing feminist activism.