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scumbagSharon Brackett, formerly called Todd, was the GLCCB’s “Activist of the Year” in 2014. Brackett is also a deadbeat dad who fought a years’ long court battle to avoid paying alimony and child support. In December 2014, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled that the trial court’s determination that Brackett voluntary impoverished “herself” was supported by the record before it. Although Brackett claimed “she” started “her” own business rather than take a demotion spurred by “her” employer’s alleged bias against “her” transgender status, the appellate court found that the evidence actually showed that Brackett’s employer had valid reasons for restructuring and had offered Brackett a contract under which “she” would have been highly compensated; a contract that Brackett rejected while knowing “she” had an obligation to pay alimony and child support. Brackett is also on the board of directors of the Point Foundation and is board chair of Gender Rights Maryland.

Brackett has since filed for bankruptcy protection. In “her” petition, Brackett listed $234,337.76 in alimony owed to “her” ex-wife.

In 2014, gay organizations give deadbeat dads “activist of the year” awards, even though they are on record as thinking the political priorities of gay people are pointless.

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