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Carlotta Sklodowska is the assumed name of a Male crossdresser to whom Planet Fitness is currently groveling. Planet Fitness recently barred an actual Woman from its gym for objecting to the presence of this “Woman” in sex-segregated space. Both the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU are on record in support of this man, who has been granted unfettered access to the Women’s locker room at Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan. Additionally, we know nothing of this Man (such as his real name) except for what he posts on his Facebook account, which is clearly used to enable his fetishes.

Here are the interests of this “Woman.” They include extensive references to porn and his view of what makes “a perfect woman.”

In 2015, GLBT organizations and the ACLU work for the right of a Man who says he’s a Woman to have access to Women’s space.

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He is friends with Jillian Weiss, a well-known Transgender Lawyer.

He is friends with Jillian Weiss, a well-known Transgender Lawyer.

Planet Fitness revokes woman’s membership after transgender complaint – CNN

Planet Fitness transgender-friendly policy ‘threatens women’s safety,’ Midland lawmaker says _ MLive

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  1. *shudders*

    Grade-A creeper… I hate gyms for this very reason. I’ve never felt safe in a gym. Females should boycott planet fitness.

  2. Planet Fitness have made it very clear that a man who says he’s a woman has more right to be in a female locker room than a biological woman. His right to say he’s a girl trumps a woman’s right to have a safe place to get undressed. This issue isn’t about this one transvestite, they are saying that anyone who says they are female can be in there – rapist? OK. Voyeur? Fine. Violent offender? Absolutely. Put on a dress and we’ll let you into a place where women are vulnerable.

    Trans women would be at risk in a male locker room and should have a safe place to be but this isn’t a trans woman it’s a man with a fetish, opening up to anyone who chooses to be there is wrong. Surely they have one room where actual transgender people can get changed without placing every female in the club in danger?

    Planet Fitness have no respect for female safety and should be boycotted, not just by women but by anyone who cares about women’s safety.

  3. He identifies as a woman, but it’s obvious he prefers women sexually. They think this makes him a candidate for the woman’s locker room?
    Creepy. I hope Planet Fitness loses a lot of business over this. To openly write about his fetishes on his FB page makes him a pervert in my book.

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  5. it’s nice to know that these ideas that are being left in the comments will die off soon enough along with the asshole generation who have them 🙂

  6. he/she is a cross dresser not transgender..need to read it again ..there is a difference…he/she is not complete so in no way he/she should be considered a women…maybe pf should put in unisex locker/bathrooms for those who r not sure which side of the fence they want to be on..if you look at he/she it sure does look a man to i would have questioned it too…and no i am not prejudice ..i am not a bigot ..and i am not trying to spew hatred among the transgender community ..or any one for that matter..i am clearly stating if this is left alone and not handled properly ..who knows what would have or could have happen…they knew nothing other then he/she said he/she was transgender…what next……and that is with out prejudice in protecting both (judgement free zone ) they did just that if ya got a penis go to the mens room ..if ya got a vagina got to the ladies room ..if you want to be either and not sure or not complete..go to the unisex room..not every body wants to feel uncomfortable…so when does one persons concern trumps anothers ..

  7. 1.) He didn’t even have a gym membership. Says he was a guest, and he left a bag in the women’s locker room.. Who was his friend that was a paying gym member. If he had a bag in the women’s locker room, what was in it. Why was he in the women’s locker room anyway? It’s highly suspicious.
    (2.) Last November a lawsuit was filed against Planet Fitness because two hidden cameras were discovered in tanning booths that women use. This happened in Illinois. Planet Fitness has a history of lawsuits over the humiliation and emotional suffering caused by hidden cameras in areas where women disrobe.


    “Mary Barnhill, an Illinois resident and Planet Fitness member has filed a lawsuit alleging that Planet Fitness discovered a hidden camera in one of its tanning rooms but did not inform its members about the discovery until days later, and its members continued to use the tanning rooms at the gym while a second hidden camera was still secretly recording them. ”

    Read this again. There were two hidden cameras discovered, and apparently not on the same day. I don’t think anyone denies this. It’s all about whether or not Planet Fitness failed in it’s obligation to protect the fundamental human right of privacy for its paid female customers.

    What does anyone really know about the man who calls himself Carolotta?

    He isn’t on hormones. He said this himself.
    He hasn’t had surgery.
    Last November he called himself a “male slut”. He said male not female.
    Too many kinky online posts to ignore. No, this is not forged entries. It’s impossible to completely erase everything online.
    He wasn’t even a gym member, but was allowed in the women’s locker room.

    This is what I demand:

    (1.) I demand a full investigation either by law enforcement or a private investigator.
    (2.) I demand justice for Ms. Cormier whose good name and reputation has been tarnished. She was justified in complaining, and judging by the size of this man, I can see why she was terrified. I want Ms. Cormier to be compensated for all the humiliation and suffering she has endured. She has been portrayed as an evil “transphobe”.
    (3.) I demand that Planet Fitness explain to Ms. Cormier and everyone offended and harmed by their actions why a male with no gym membership is even allowed in the women’s locker room.
    (4.) I demand that Planet Fitness clarify it’s policy regarding what is and isn’t “sincere self-reported gender identity”. I want Planet Fitness to explain to me why they think a man with no gym membership has a “sincere self-reported gender identity”. How do they know this? Note the date on his October 21, 2014 8:05pm post. Apparently, he went from “male slut” to “sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman” in 4 months and 16 days (is my math right). When did his “sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman” occur? Was it full time or part time? Planet Fitness has no idea whatsoever.

    Prior to the incident in the women’s locker room, was he diagnosed by a therapist? We know he was never on hormones.

    I could care less how many times he asks women to pee on him, or lead him around on a leash. Since he wasn’t a gym member, he had no business being in the women’s locker room where he terrified a paid member. Was she supposed to disrobe in front of him? As for the “sincere self-reported gender identity” as a “woman”, no one knows when this occurred. Or, sometimes he was a “male slut”, and other times he was a “woman”. Prior to the incident in the women’s locker room, how many times did he call himself “male slut”, or refer to himself as a man or male, and how many times did he identify as a “woman”? Truth be told, no one really knows, and he can say anything he wants to say. No one has a precise definition of “sincere self-reported gender identity”. It’s all a joke, and people know it.

    People are outraged for a reason, and we demand justice. We are still angry and outraged over injustice, and we will never remain silent.

    I demand justice. We need lawyers and private investigators.

  8. All women boycott Planet Fitness. Tell your friends, sister, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.

  9. You people are disgusting. I am more terrified of you all. I can’t believe that you would all believe that a person who was biologically born a man, but identifies as a female,would go through all this trouble just to look at tits. If you read the “proof” that has been provided, it is clear that this person prefers both genders, you are using this as a ruse to segregate her. She OBVIOUSLY cannot use the men’s locker room, you people are the bullies that called the skinny boys “faggot” in highschool because they didn’t have pubic hair yet. You biggots need to check yourself. This is the same type of proof that was provided against homosexuality being “wrong” 30 years ago. Nobody is getting their rocks off in the locker room except homosexual gay males, have you ignorant bigots never read craigslist missed connections? There is more gay sex happening between “straight” men in gym locker rooms than you could ever possibly imagine, so get your heads out of your asses.

  10. I hope this thing turns into one of those rare swing cases where the public starts to understand the issues underlying the agenda. Crossing my fingers.
    What is the argument one person is making that the FB page was a fraud?????????????? It doesn’t seem logical as the screen caps came out pretty much at the same time as the story. What are they basing their denial on?

  11. I transitioned 15 years ago and reading this guy’s and yes HE IS A HE, comments makes me sick to my stomach, as a post-op Trans Woman I will be damned if I would want HIM in the locker room with me, this DUDE is a 100% A NUMBER 1 SICKO CREEP OMG!!!!!

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