Quaranta v. Middletown Police Department (USA)

A former police officer is suing the city, the mayor, the police chief, two lieutenants and another former officer over harassment and discrimination. Francesca Quaranta filed a civil complaint in Hartford Superior Court on Dec. 10, alleging that she endured sexist or otherwise offensive comments from lieutenants Jaime Del Mauro and Paul Maturo and former Officer Christopher Lavoie, that the Middletown Police Department management singled her out for discriminatory discipline and that the city capriciously and improperly terminated her employment.

Quaranta already lost an administrative complaint asserting discrimination.

2 thoughts on “Quaranta v. Middletown Police Department (USA)

  1. This is why I would not hire women in the first place, they are a liability since they like to claim sexism when they are fired for their performance. Pretty much what I did as a job screener was use social media to gauge if the woman is a feminist/activist what have you and promptly skip their job application. They can’t claim discrimination since an interview never took place.
    Also the graphic for this site is amusing considering that legislators typically bring up bills and pass laws that ONLY favor women and more often than not at the expense of men’s rights.

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