Miranda Brooke Raven @theravenmiranda & Portland Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team (USA)

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William Radik is a well-known Men’s Rights Activist in Portland who goes by “Miranda Brooke Raven.” He is apparently a member of the Portland Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team, a group of Men’s Rights Activists that harasses Women engaged in political activism (or women-focused organizing) that hurts his feelings. He recently published a list of Women planning to attend a public event in Portland accompanied by this comment:


Women should use extreme caution if they encounter him, as he seems likely to engage in physical confrontation. Radik has protested other events that exclude him, including a comedy festival.

Other MRAs commented on his post thusly:

hjIn 2015, Men like Radik feel free to engage openly in violent misogyny, as the GLBT Community covers it up, because they “feel like a woman.”

But Radik is a Man. Never forget that. You can read about his Man adventures here on his old blog.

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