Stover v. Corr. Corp. of America (USA)


Jesse Earl Stover was found guilty by a jury of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor based upon evidence that he had sexually molested a male child.

Stover’s girlfriend was taking care of the six-year-old victim, J.S., and his brothers. Stover’s girlfriend took the children to Stover’s trailer to bathe because their own house had no hot water. When his girlfriend left for a brief period, Stover led J.S. into a bedroom, closed the door, and kissed J.S. on the lips and placed his mouth on the child’s penis. When Stover’s girlfriend returned, she observed J.S. in the bedroom with Stover but did not see any inappropriate conduct. She described the child as acting differently upon her return, but J.S. did not mention the molestation to her.

Shortly after the event, J.S. told his eight-year-old brother what had happened. Later that evening, Danny Cram, a friend of J.S.’s family affectionately known by the children as “Uncle Shaggy,” arrived to check on the children. After J.S. was put to bed, he asked to speak to Cram. At that point, J.S. told Cram that Stover “put his mouth on my peter.” Cram notified the police, and Stover was arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor under sixteen.

Stover now identifies as a Woman named Jessika Ellen Stover, and he wants “medically necessary training bras and underwear” because of his identification as a Woman and his breast growth (which is occurring because of the hormones the State is paying for).  The court rejected his claim.

Stover did prevail on his religious freedom claims.

Stover v. Corrections Corporation of America et al Docket

Stover v. Corrections Corporation of America et al Opinion

STATE v. STOVER _ Leagle

2 thoughts on “Stover v. Corr. Corp. of America (USA)

  1. This is just plain creepy. I’m what people label transgender myself, but like Cathy am critical of gender stereotypes and pretty annoyed to be in a situation where I’m in many ways a walking contradiction. I’m exploring these issues, and definitely would welcome the discussion. People like this guy really upset me because there are so many cases of sex offenders, particularly against children like in this situation of men transitioning during their time in jail. Why do they do this? I also want to know how in this case Mr Stover can consider himself a woman, after violating the trust of a minor and doing what he did. How dare HE make that claim! There are of course women, but only a slim minority who have sexually assaulted children, but I think it’s abundantly clear to see that this is not something that women tend to do. Women are nurturers, yes some men can be too, but generally Cathy is correct in asserting that most men are predatorial and in so many cases more likely to do things like this pathetic excuse for a human did. Cathy, you want objective dialogue with people willing to discuss gender critically, and that is why I contacted you. It sucks being transgender and not knowing exactly why you are that way, it especially sucks to see jerks like this guy calling himself female, after what he’s done. It seems to me that this guy has some kind of fetish too, ‘medically necessary training bras and underwear’, it’s just weird. This was absolutely the right decision by the court. I know you’re only looking out for vulnerable members of our society and it seems to me that your activities are directly the result of governments and other bodies (mostly run by males) basically forcing the born female population of the world to accept potential threats to safety in the name of ‘equality and trans rights’, how is any of that equality if it directly threatens another groups’ rights? I’m transitioning myself, because it seems right and fits my identity and how I’ve always seen myself, but have now reached this embarrassing point where I can no longer call myself a trans woman. I hate labels, as much as I hate gender stereotypes. Cathy is so right, they are effectively a method of controlling women and girls especially and this is coming from someone who society labels transgender female, so yes we should listen to this argument. Sorry for ranting, I’m just really angry I guess after reading what this guy is attempting to do. He’s a man! But much worse than that because there are obviously some good men out there, he’s a jerk!

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