House Bill 1051 and Kriselda Valderrama (USA)


Maryland Delegate Kriselda Valderrama has introduced legislation to gut Maryland’s Equal Pay Act, landmark legislation enacted in 1964 to prohibit wage disparities based on sex. House Bill 1051 adds “gender identity” to legislation initially introduced to combat the well documented “pay gap” based on sex. This kind of legislation is similar to California’s gutting of its version of Title 9 by allowing boys to play on girls’ sports teams if they “identify as a girl.” House Bill 1051 represents a step backwards in affirmative action laws that were enacted to assist a group that faces systemic discrimination: Women.

There is no statistically documented “trans pay gap” comparable to the “pay gap” based on sex. It is disturbing that Delegate Valderrama and the other delegates on this legislation would gut a law intended to help Women.