Seamus Johnston @sspjohnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey AKA Gabe Ross @TransLawCenter (USA)

The Transgender Law Center is representing Seamus Johnston, a Woman who identifies as a Man, in her lawsuit against the University of Pittsburgh.  Johnston filmed the video above with her “wife,” a Man named Gabriel Ross. Johnston, a former Pitt Johnstown student, filed a complaint with the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations (and ultimately a lawsuit), a day before she testified in front of a federal grand jury regarding the 99 bomb threats that the University received in 2012. Her lawsuit is ongoing.

Johnston previously pleaded guilty to going into a men’s locker room. University of Pitt-Johnstown Police told her not to use the men’s locker room and asked her to use a private changing facility.  Johnston repeatedly did not and it eventually escalated into a disorderly conduct incident with police.

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