Texas House Bill 1748 @debbieriddle (USA)

Debbie Riddle

Debbie Riddle

Texas House Bill 1748, introduced by Debbie Riddle, would make it a criminal offense for a transgender person to use a bathroom according to their gender identity. This is similar to a measure introduced in Florida earlier this year.

We oppose this legislation because, among other reasons, it will demonize gender nonconforming Women using Women’s facilities. We encourage transgender activists to limit their so-called “civil rights” legislation to actual transsexuals, to the extent they still believe such legislation is necessary.

Texas Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Crime For Transgender Individuals To Use The Restroom That Matches Their Gender Identity


One thought on “Texas House Bill 1748 @debbieriddle (USA)

  1. From the bill:

    “If an individual ’s gender established at the individual ’s birth is not the same as the individual ’s gender established by the individual ’s chromosomes, the individual ’s gender established by the individual ’s chromosomes controls under this section.”

    This would negatively impact women with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome at the very least, as they are generally raised to be girls and women (and appear to be girls and women from birth on and I think suffer under misogyny and the threat of rape just like typical girls and women), but have XY chromosomes which makes them genetically male.

    Riddle did not do her research when she wrote this bill, obviously.

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