Scott Long @scottlong1980 (USA)

scott long

Scott Long is a “disgraced” (according to Michael Petrelis) former head of the LGBT division at Human Rights Watch. He has written a blog post about the meanness of various Gay people who disagree with his belief that a penis is female if the penis bearer says so. Specifically, he accuses this blog of “viciously harass(ing) trans women.” Long does not seem to be a reader of this blog, which supports numerous rights for transgender people. He also claims Cathy Brennan posted online the court docket information of “a person trying to change her legal gender, and urged others to lobby the judge to deny her.” He neglects to mention that the “person,” Autumn Sandeen, was publicly bragging about obtaining a legal change of gender without having sex reassignment surgery, a fact that possibly constituted fraud under California law. Court docket information is publicly accessible in California.

In 2015, Gay Men like Scott Long thinks Lesbians need to accept that Penis is Female.