U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development @HUDgov (USA)

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development issued guidance, Appropriate Placement for Transgender Persons in Single-Sex Emergency, that instructs shelters and transitional housing programs to house people in single-sex temporary or transitional housing or shelters based on their “gender,” not sex.

“There is generally is no legitimate reason in this context for the provider to request documentation of a person’s sex in order to determine appropriate placement, nor should the provider have any basis to deny access to a single-sex emergency shelter or facility solely because the provider possesses identity documents indicating a sex different than the gender with which the client or potential client identifies. The provider may not ask questions or otherwise seek information or documentation concerning the person’s anatomy or medical history. Nor may the provider consider the client or potential client ineligible for an emergency shelter or other facility because his or her appearance or behavior does not conform to gender stereotypes.”

This is a massive betrayal of the most vulnerable Women in the United States: Women living at the margins; poor Women, Women with substance abuse issues, Women attempting to escape prostitution and other exploitation, Women escaping domestic violence. Women of Color are disproportionately represented in these communities.

Housing biological males with Women results in unsafety for Women. This is a massive betrayal of Women by the Obama administration.

HUD tells homeless shelters to respect self-identified gender – 372 – Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive – Windy City Times